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Walking the dog...

Trying out dog walking with Jed at Ashdown Forest

My 50 challenges started when I realised how quickly the last 10 years had gone, and how much my life had changed in that decade. I wanted to make sure I had something to show for the next decade. There were lots of things I'd wanted to do in my 40s but responsibilities for home, work and family meant that time was limited and before I knew it 10 years had passed.

So, I started making a list.... a few very simple personal challenges and indulgences came first. I wanted to go for a walk with a dog, visit Buckingham Palace and complete the Hospice in the Weald moonwalk.... and so the list was started. I had great fun drawing up my list and when I ran out of ideas I asked my friends - this was funny, and I certainly had a better idea who my friends were after reading their ideas..

Once my list was started it took on a life of its own. There were several on it that were a bit silly including a trip to the local play area with my old friends from school days - we all went trampolining.... it must have made a comical sight to see the five of us jumping up and down on the trampolines when all the other 'jumpers' were about 6 years old. However, I think I detected a hint of envy from the parents as we laughed and giggled. The giggles were partly down to the jokes we made about how our pelvic floors were not as robust as they had once been - but I guess thats what happens when your friends are nurses.

Other silly challenges were to line up 500 dominoes and watch them fall, get my son to teach me poker and enter me in a poker tournament and send a message in a bottle.... great fun, but my favourite one was set for when we went to Vienna on holiday (one of my indulgent challenges). Whilst on holiday, I had to stop 5 strangers, spend some time finding something out about them and take a photo of me with them... I think they thought I was mad.... but it was fun and I met some very interesting people.

So what will you do for 50 Chalenges? What silly things did you do as a child that you'd like to do again? What have you always wanted to do and never had the time for? What are your favourite ideas?

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