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  • Listen to a different genre of music every month for a year

  • Sing in a choir

  • Learn a musical instrument

  • Attend a live music event every month for a year

  • Perform a solo in front of an audience


  • Grow your own veg

  • Manage an allotment for a year

  • Grow your own herbs, dry them and use them throughout the winter

  • Plant an indoor or outdoor tub with flowers

  • Organise a community garden to improve your neighbourhood


  • Learn one joke a day for a month

  • Write or update your will

  • Get your pension in order

  • Test drive a sports car

  • Speak in public for the first time

  • Have dinner with a celebrity


  • Reduce your household and food waste over a year

  • Keep chickens

  • Eat food for a month that is sourced within a 10-mile radius of your home

  • Eat foraged food once a month for a year 


  • Volunteer one day a month for a local charity

  • Organise a litter pick up in your local area

  • Visit a local care home or elderly neighbour 

  • Hold a quiz night to raise money for charity

  • Organise a street party

  • Become a blood donor and donate three units per year

  • Join the organ donor register and tell your family of your wishes


  • Meditate every day for a year

  • See the sun rise in a beautiful or memorable location

  • Don’t buy any new clothes for a year

  • Pay one thing forward every day for a month 

  • See the work of a different artist every month for a year

  • Meet up with 50 friends (in a group or one at a time)

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