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  • Shop organic for a week

  • Go vegan for a month

  • Eat only freshly cooked food for a week

  • Go sugar free for a month

  • Go to bed by 10.30pm every night

  • Source toiletries that contain natural ingredients


  • Take up a new sport or activity

  • Take a dance class

  • Learn to sail

  • Learn how to skateboard or roller-skate

  • Learn how to rock climb (indoor or outdoor)

  • Use the stairs


  • Walk for 20 minutes twice a week for a year

  • Walk 10,000 steps a day for a year

  • Take part in a charity walk

  • Walk all the footpaths within a 10-mile radius of your home

  • Complete a long-distance walk - in stages or one go

  • Walk other classic Nature Trails walks


  • Learn to ride a bicycle

  • Complete a 10k route in under 30 minutes

  • Enter a charity bike ride

  • Cycle to work every day for a year

  • Complete a long-distance or challenge bike ride

  • Cycle 1,000,  2,000 or 3,000 miles in a year

  • Achieve a personal best


  • Run your first 5k

  • Run your first 10k

  • Run twice a week for a year

  • Take part in a Mud or a Dye run

  • Run a half marathon

  • Run a marathon

  • Run an endurance or ultra event


  • Learn to swim

  • Swim twice a week

  • Take part in a 3km race

  • Join a swimming club

  • Compete in a race

  • Swim a wild mile

  • Swim the Channel

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