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50 Challenges are a blueprint for redefining mid and later life.  This means they’re about celebrating the whole decade, not simply a year.

Turning 50 is a big milestones, but 50 Challenges are not simply about those milestones. 

They’re about:

  • redefining our own identities as we move into mid and later life

  • taking proactive control of our own definitions of ourselves, and how others see us

  • creating a blueprint for doing more, achieving more and being more than we ever thought was possible when we looked ahead to these years when we were younger

  • changing expectations of mid and later life

They are not a mad dash for a year, ticking off a challenge a week (or more) in a whirlwind of activity and excitement – and then collapsing and thinking: “What now?”. They’re about pacing yourself towards real goals that challenge you, both within areas in which you are already comfortable as well as taking you completely outside of your comfort zone to try and do things completely new or alien things.

50 Challenges are a mindset for a new generation that is facing mid and later life with more energy and better health than ever before. They’re an ongoing celebration of life and the fantastic quality of life that we can now enjoy in our 50s and beyond. 


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