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  • Join a book group – and read the books!

  • ​Read a current affairs blog weekly

  • Read one Dickens’ novel a year… or your author of choice

  • Read a poem a day for a month/year


  • Learn a new language

  • Research your family tree

  • Be able to identify all the countries in Africa

  • Do a Sudoku puzzle every day for a month

  • Learn to recognise 10 bird songs


  • Make a celebration cake

  • Master pastry making

  • Cook something new every day for a week

  • Make jam or chutney using seasonal produce


  • Knit a scarf or sew a cushion

  • Carve an animal from wood

  • Make a clock

  • Throw a pot

  • Give a handmade gift


  • Put up a shelf

  • Change a tap

  • Learn to upholster furniture

  • Tile a bathroom

  • Learn to plaster


  • Keep a journal for a year

  • Create a photobook

  • Write up a volunteer project for your local paper

  • Get a poem published

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