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There are going to be more pros than cons when it comes to weight training, as the benefits it has for your body are substantial:

  1. Like most physical activities, if you’ve never done it before, you’re going to focus on building it up slowly before you start lifting substantial weights. The benefit is that it will work on all the vital parts of your body – such as your joints, your muscles and your ligaments – until they are stronger and can withstand more.

  2. It helps tie into other activities like running. A lot of people spend their lives very sedentary and are sitting down constantly throughout the day, so when they go running, they are compensating for those muscles that are more dominant from sitting down. However, when you’re weight training, it’s much easier to target the core muscle groups that you should be using. This will help your running – or other challenges – making them a lot smoother and easier to pick up.

  3. A great benefit to weight training is that you burn more calories than cardio exercise. When you go weight training, you may burn 200 calories, but you carry on burning calories for six to eight hours afterwards and might burn another 200 to 400 calories in total. By contrast, when you’re doing cardio exercise, you’re burning while you’re exercising, but won’t burn as much after. 


The only con I can really think of is it might be easier to pick up running or jogging compared to weight training. You really have to know what you’re doing and can’t just jump into it without the proper instructions. Following random YouTube videos really isn’t advised as they might not be professionals and you can really hurt yourself and have detrimental injuries.  The way round this is, of course, to work with a properly qualified instructor who knows your goals and any injuries you may have and can optimise your weight training to help you achieve your challenges. 

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