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Game of cards anyone?

I was going to set myself the challenge of learning a poem by heart every month for a year, but my father changed that. He recently had one of his knees replaced, and is due to have the other one done in a few months, when he has recovered from the first operation.

Seeing how immobile he was when he came out of hospital, I realised that it would be much better to set myself a challenge that could involve him. So I have resolved instead to learn a new card game a month for a year; something I can do with him (and others) as he recuperates from two demanding operations.

I am delighted that I have found a challenge that not only enables me to do more, achieve more and be more, but is also something I can enjoy with my loved ones and that will make me prioritise time with them.


  • To learn a card game a month from my 50th birthday (04.11.17) through to my 51st birthday.

  • How I will keep myself accountable: I will post reviews of the card games I learn on the 50 Challenges Facebook group

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