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A Life changing event made me want change my life

I am participating in 50 Challenges because setting goals has become even more of an integral part of my life since I suffered and survived a life threatening brain haemorrhage when aged 44. It has left me paralysed on one side and partially sighted; both of which mean that my daily life has had to adapt to accommodate these significant restrictions.

But I've discovered that I'm a fighter and have drive, which has kept me moving forward at all times. Even in the darkest times I have been able to find the determination to continue my recovery by setting myself, at times, goals which might be intended to get myself through the next five minutes.

I was an inpatient at a number of hospitals for over a year and had to rely on my own mental fortitude to keep myself feeling positive. I’m thankful for still being alive and for being at home again with my husband and children.

50 Challenges is about celebrating life, which is something that I do every day. My challenges are linked to what has happened to me, but also to what I've discovered about myself on my journey so far. My physical challenges are all linked to conquering my paralysis.

My 50s will be a far better decade for me than my 40s. So what better way to start it than by setting myself a number of challenges which will help me to continue to enjoy my precious life and ensure it’s even more fulfilling each day.

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